At Image Defenders, we supply you with the tools and resources to discover unauthorized usage of your images and the legal means to recover lost fees at no upfront cost to you.
Quite simply, we don't get paid until you get paid.
  • Upload Your Images

    Using the Image Defenders dashboard, you upload the images you want to search.

  • We Show You Who Is Using Your Work

    Utilizing 3 different search engines, we search online all over the world to find your images.

  • Mark Which Uses Are Unlicensed

    Quickly review the use of your images and mark which ones are not licensed.

  • Expert Lawyers Offer To Help

    Once you flag a case as unauthorized, expert lawyers send you offers to pursue the claims. The lawyers offer competitive contingency rates (typically 30%).

  • You Get Paid (More)

    You typically get paid 50% of the actual settlement, not 50% after the lawyers cut. This gives you about 40% or 50% more than what other services charge.

No upfront costs and you retain more of your recovered fees.

Unlike most other services, Image Defenders does not charge a monthly fee for our services. You pay nothing out-of-pocket. There are no fees until your claim has been settled.

Once any claims have been settled, you retain 50% of the actual settlement. While others claim to pay 40-50%, in most cases, that percentage is calculated after the lawyers take their cut of up to 40%. Which means you are actually only getting 20-30% of the initial settlement.

Image Defenders was formed with the idea that photographers should be paid for their work. That is why we strive to see you paid the highest percentage in the industry.

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We know our strengths. Rather than spending our time and resources developing proprietary search technology like many other services, we utilize three different proven search engines developed by companies who are experts in search.

As a result, all of our resources go towards getting you the best settlement possible. Which is where we excel.

By utilizing three different search engines, we can offer unparalleled search capabilities worldwide. The technical aspects of Image Defenders do not distract the network of lawyers from their primary task, which is getting you paid.

We are not in the technology business, we are in the fee recovery business.