At TITAN, we have the tools and resources to discover unauthorized usage of your images and the legal means to recover lost fees with minimal upfront cost to you.
Quite simply, we make money when you make money.
  • Upload Your Images and Certificates

    We upload the images you want to search, along with any correlating copyright certificates and licensing history. Our team walks your staff through the entire process.

  • We Show You Who Is Using Your Work

    Utilizing proprietary search technology, we scour billions of websites to identify uses of your images.

  • Mark the Unauthorized Usage

    We work with your team to quickly review your images and mark which ones are not properly licensed. We assist you in hand-picking the most promising claims.

  • Expert Lawyers Offer To Help

    Once you flag a case as unauthorized, and we decide it is worth pursuing, you assign the claim to us. We will engage legal counsel – on a contingency fee basis – and only participate if and when there is a financial recovery.

  • You Get Paid (More)

    You get 50% of the total license fee and/or damages recovered. Not just 50% after the lawyers fees. This can amount to a net recovery to you of almost 150% of what other services pay.

Minimal upfront costs and you retain more of your recovered fees.

Image theft is rampant in the current online environment. If you are a professional photographer or agency, it is almost certain your images are being used – without your permission - far more than you know. Being aware of these illegal uses, and obtaining proper compensation is a critical aim to optimizing any modern imaging business. TITAN makes this possible.

TITAN founded by experts in photography and intellectual property. Michael Grecco and Elizabeth Waterman are both professional commercial photographers and are joined by Ken Hertz, of Hertz, Lichtenstein, Young and Polk, LLP – a prominent boutique intellectual property law firm specializing in the media and technology industries.

We charge minimal costs upfront. Unlike most other services, TITAN does not profit from monthly service fees. We make money when you make money. We partner with you to bring success to your settlements.

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We know our strengths. Rather than spending our time and resources developing proprietary search technology like many other services, we utilize three different proven search engines developed by companies who are experts in search.

As a result, all of our resources go towards getting you the best settlement possible. Which is where we excel.

By utilizing three different search engines, we can offer unparalleled search capabilities worldwide. The technical aspects of TITAN do not distract the network of lawyers from their primary task, which is getting you paid.

We are not in the technology business, we are in the fee recovery business.